The history of Derya dates back to sixties.The late Mehmet Köylüuşağı, started his business life as a tradesman in textile,

created the brand and later in the early nineties pinoneered establishing Derya Helva in Karaman Industrial Zone.

Thanks to its highly qualified and experienced team, Derya has contributed a huge deal to traditional taste of Anatolia.

Derya Helva focused mainly on export opened up its warehouse and business office in 1996 in Germany. In addition

to exporting to Europe, East European countries, Balkans, Middle East and America are some of those that Derya exports

its products to.

Derya has gained a considerable share in confectionery market in European ethnic market in a short space of time

and come a long way since its beginning.

Derya enriched its product range with Turkish Delight, Roll Delight, Cezerye (a paste made of carrot sugar and nuts),

Tahina, Grape Molasses, Cream Halva.

Pulses, bulgur, rice, canned foods, pickles, olives are some of the products produced under Derya brand.

Derya also provides its customers with loading, transportation, customs clearance, logistic services through its warehouse

and company.

Derya supplies biggest food brands in Europe by manufacturing for their brand.

Derya, with the help of its experience gained after years of hard work and its research-development, step up its knowhow.

Derya stands out in class of its own by removing glicose from all its ingredients and putting sugar extracted from beet instead.

Derya products, awarded ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 22000 Food Safety Standart, are made in the

facilities of the highest standards.